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Testimonials & Recommendations for Jason LeVasseur. 


Ferris State UniversityBig Rapids, MI – “If you didn’t know that already, Jason LeVasseur Rocks! Ferris State has had Jason’s Rock Star Leadership Project on campus and now virtually too. At both, students connected with the content and had fun! Jason is down to earth, in tune with his audience, and flexible in his style. He was able to customize a unique presentation each time to meet the needs our students. Highly recommended!” –  Angela Roman – Director, Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services 

Augustana College – Rock Island, IL “Jason LeVasseur hit the ball out of the park! His engaging keynote inspired our new students to embrace their individual talents, get outside their comfort zone and thrive as members of our campus community. The message was powerful, fun and inspiring. We are looking forward to having him back in the fall.”  Ken Brill – Associate Dean & VP Student Life

American Camp Association New England  “Jason was a wonderful host for our Virtual Open Mic Night, an evening activity during our annual camp conference. The event was originally going to be in-person and he quickly pivoted to offering an online opportunity when we converted to a virtual conference. Jason was easy to work with, was a clear communicator, maintained calm through small tech glitches, and ran a highly engaging program for all ages! While he was prepared to perform himself, he really encouraged others to give it a try – both with advance sign-ups and impromptu volunteers. I think some of our attendees who weren’t originally planning to perform were actually inspired to put themselves out there because of Jason’s energy, encouragement, and supportive persona. We’d definitely do something like this again with Jason as the host and emcee! Kerry Salvo – Director of Education and Professional Development

Maryville University – Saint Louis, Missouri   “Jason’s leadership keynote is engaging and dynamic. He is able to blend high-quality content, music, and humor to deliver meaningful leadership lessons that inspire, motivate, and educate. He spoke at our regional leadership conference and many of the attending schools enthusiastically asked how they could bring him to their campuses. Highly recommended!”                                      Brian Gardner – Asst. Dean & Director Student Involvement 

Mass Audubon Wildwood Camp.  Rindge, NH – “Jason is simply inspiring! He presented leadership in a new way that kept staff engaged for hours, by the end of his presentation all the staff felt as if they were part of “the band”.  His engaging smile and positive attitude was an excellent model for everyone.  I was most impressed at how he wove into the day talking points we sent prior to his arrival.  During his presentation he read the crowd extremely well and adapted what he did to the needs of the group. In addition, the live music was super motivating and refreshing!”  Becky Gilles – Camp Director                                   

DePaul University – Chicago, IL “While working from a virtual campus during the COVID-19 Stay at Home order, we hosted our annual dance marathon event, DemonTHON. We hired Jason as our emcee to help “through the awkward” and he was perfect in every way. He made the students feel comfortable, helped them with the transitions between activities, sang songs, got them engaging in the chat and in their homes, and would dance right along with the students. I would highly, highly, highly recommend Jason for any virtual events you may need an emcee for.”                    Courtney James – Director, Student Involvement 

Eureka College, IL  “Our Student Life Office at Eureka College had Jason booked to come to campus on 3/31/2020 for a Greek Leadership Workshop.  Once we knew our campus was transitioning to online learning in light of the coronavirus crisis, I contacted Jason to discuss our options. I was elated at his willingness to rethink and redesign what we had originally planned. Jason offered to speak not just once to our students; he was willing to coordinate and help us promote a 3 – part online series designed to engage students outside of their classes using the virtual platform, Zoom.  Our first session was yesterday with the goal of encouraging students to stay connected, giving tools and resources to do so, while physically away from campus.  I SO appreciate Jason’s creativity, positivity, resourcefulness, and collegiality!  Jason is responsive, flexible, and great to work with. I look forward to the next two sessions! If you are seeking a virtual or in-person teamwork and/or leadership program, I strongly recommend Jason LeVasseur!”                            Shari Rich – Associate Dean of Students 

YMCA of Rock River Valley – Rockford, IL “What a great way to end a full day of learning. Jason was so much fun! I love how he weaves together music and an inspiring message to engage the audience. I felt like I was at a show that I didn’t want to end. I’m certainly thinking about how ‘my band’ is impacting our audience! I highly recommend Jason for any event!”  Michelle Polivka –  Vice President – YMCA 

High School Student Leadership Conference – Lake Land College – Mattoon, Illinois “Jason’s Rock Star Leadership Presentation was a perfect fit for our annual High School Student Leadership Conference!  College student members of the Lake Land College Student Government Association planned and facilitated the workshops and used Jason as the Keynote Address for the conference.  There were both high school and college students in attendance and it was exactly right to appeal to a mixed audience.  Jason does a great job of interacting with the audience using the perfect blend of humor, music, and quality content to leave the students with a beautifully-crafted leadership message they will remember.  In addition to the Keynote Address, Jason also facilitated a 2-hour team building session with various student groups on campus.  The activities he utilized for the team building were excellent and the students quickly built a rapport with Jason and were easily communicating and sharing with each other.  We have booked Jason for numerous performances over the years and he never disappoints, I would recommend him as a speaker or performer for your next event!” Valerie Davis Lynch – Director of Student Life

Grays Harbor College – Aberdeen, WA  “I have had the true pleasure of working with Jason LeVasseur on three separate occasions and each time Jason far exceeded my expectations. He has the ability to tailor his content to his audience allowing him to connect with anyone no matter the situation, using music, humor, and life experiences to convey his message. I will continue to invite him to our future events as both a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. I highly recommend Jason LeVasseur.”                              Aaron Tuttle – Director of Student Life

Ithaca College – Ithaca, NY  “This is the second year in a row that we brought Jason back to campus. I am still on cloud 10,000 – It was wonderful! Jason got students really comfortable to the point where we had student after student going up there on stage with him. Some students afterwards said, “where did I find the strength, where did I find the energy?” It’s because Jason was really really powerful and he knows how to inspire and engage the audience.” John Rawlins III – Director of Multicultural Affairs 

University of West Alabama – Livingston, AL “Jason’s a great keynote speaker to get your group inspired. He really engages with the entire room between playing his songs, breaking the ice, and really helping the attendees get to know each other. He’s a great person to bring out to any event that you have!” Jason Gardner – Student Activities Director & NIRSA Regional Conference Coordinator  (The National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association)

Cameron College Prep – Nashville, TN  “It was so awesome to see the kids so engaged. He played the guitar and the drums and he had the kids participating and singing along and even some of our quietest kids were singing in their loudest voices so it was fun to be able to see them use that energy in a positive way. Thank you, Jason!”                                Sanjana Ballal – Middle School Counselor 

Camp Timanous – Raymond, ME  “Jason’s leadership of the staff is superb. He connects well with the other counselors, motivates them to do their best work with campers, and helps them understand in a deep way the importance of our work with children. He is also patient and listens carefully and empathetically to campers and counselors alike. At the start of each summer, Jason holds motivational and team-building sessions with the staff to gear up for the arrival of the campers. The activities he creates are carefully orchestrated and a lot of fun. We always reach a point in the middle of the summer when the counselors start to drag. Jason is the one who steps forward to re-energize the group. His experience, his positivity, and his wisdom inspire the staff to do their best work. I recommend him without hesitation.”                                                                                              Brooks Moriarity –  Waterfront Director @ Timanous & Phillips Exeter Academy – Dean of Students – Exeter, New Hampshire

Indiana University –Kokomo, IN  “He’s very down to earth and I think that’s what’s different about him as a motivational speaker. He empowers the students to feel like they can make those “Rock Star” decisions every day because they have choices to make from the moment they wake up. I would highly recommend Jason for beginning of the year, orientations and first year experience events.”                                                                    Maria Ahmad – Coordinator of Student Life / Campus Diversity 

Westchester Community College – Valhalla, NY  “Jason LeVasseur has been a part of our club officer and advisor development day for two years, and has been pivotal in addressing student and advisor concerns when it comes to club and team dynamics. We choose to bring Jason back because of his ability to connect with and understand the diversity of our students and staff. He has an innate ability to make people feel comfortable while pushing them to be the best versions of themselves. This has been extremely helpful with our faculty and staff advisors. Being an advisor is purely voluntary, and Jason helps reinvigorate our advisors who have many required responsibilities to continue to empower our students to learn in the co-curricular.               Tiago Machado – Associate Director of Student Involvement 

Black Hawk College – Moline, Il “Jason is the most versatile person to work with from a student activities person’s standpoint. He has just been a pleasure to work with. He has an awesome message and that’s what was most important for us for this new student orientation.” Tiffany Hamilton –  Coordinator for Student Engagement  

Central Michigan University – Mt. Pleasant, MI “From a programmer’s standpoint, Jason is the easiest guy to work with. He’s fun, he’s immensely talented, and he considers it an honor to come to your campus. He’s just a treasure for the college market.”                   Doug Kendrick – Asstistant Director of Residence Life 

Albertus Magnus College – New Haven, CT “Jason was such an amazing performer to work with! He came to Albertus Magnus as a part of our programming board’s Welcome Back Week, and he was a huge hit with the students. Jason is very skilled at reading the room and connecting with the audience. He hosted an open mic night for us in our newly renovated campus center, and he was very adaptable throughout the night. Jason had such a positive attitude the entire time, even when working through some sound/tech issues. He even called before he arrived on campus, seeing if there was anything we needed from him. If you are able to bring Jason to your campus, I know that it will be a great time filled with laughter and fun!”  Dan Hurley – Coordinator for Student Engagement 

Pierce College – Puyallup, WA  “Jason has been one of the easiest vendors to work with. From the get-go he was offering ideas and input on an event we were doing for the first time ever. The event was a huge success and feedback from students was wonderful. The workshop was not only beneficial to the students from a leadership standpoint, but it was also very fun! His ability to weave together empowering students and having a good time is astounding. The students that attended the workshop left with new skills to implement right away in their organizations on campus. We’re definitely going to be working with him again in the future.”                                                                                            Kelsie Nabass – Student Engagement Specialist 

Springfield College – Springfield, MA  “Jason is extremely entertaining, making his session very relatable and easy to follow. I love how he uses the analogy of advisors being the Tour Managers of their student organization, allowing his audience to think a little more outside of the box when it comes to their day to day roles of working with students. I walked away from Jason’s advising session with a different view on how to begin my meetings with student executive boards. Rather than just diving into the work to get through the semester, having intentional conversations about what type of legacy they want to leave and how to recruit members in order to maintain that legacy are so needed for the success of the club. Jason’s passion for this topic is so apparent and authentic. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend his workshop!”                                      Julie Koivisto – Assistant Director, Student Activities 

Eureka College – Eureka, IL “I heard Jason speak at an ed session at a Regional NACA conference. His energy was contagious and what influenced me to follow up with him to see if he’d be interested in doing a leadership kick-off for the spring semester. Jason was so easy to work with and even created the flier and video for us to use for the promotion of our event. I’ve only received positive feedback from the students who attended. I’d highly recommend him for a keynote/workshop and performance combo. We did an open mic night for the performance part which was a lot of fun. I hope to be able to bring him back in the future.” Shari Rich – Associate Dean of Students

Nichols College, Dudley, MA “We were lucky enough to have Jason for both a performance and workshops. From the initial phone call, Jason was incredibly easy to work with and made it clear he wanted the best for our students both during and long after his visit. He is easy to connect with and is a very genuine person. During his performance, he engaged well with the audience and provided a nice ambiance for the students during our Welcome Back Week. In his workshops, he kept the students engaged and challenged their thinking and points of view. He used fun anecdotes to get his message across, and his students have been implementing some of his tips and tricks already! Overall we really enjoyed Jason LeVasseur and would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in effective and entertaining student leadership workshops, great music, and an overall enjoyable day!” Cole Manarky – Student Life Graduate Assistant 

Simmons University  – Boston, MA   “This year we decided to change the way we deliver “leadership” opportunities at Simmons University. Keeping students engaged for 30 seconds, let alone 2 hours can be a challenge. To kick-off our semester, we decided to bring Jason to campus to bring his Rock Star training. It proved to be extremely successful because it allowed our students to work with someone they had never met and be “open” about the abilities, special talents, and challenges as unique as themselves. The mix of discussion, lecture, and music was a perfect mix for helping our students become comfortable in their leadership roles and bring others into the fold. We know this will set the tone for the rest of the year as our team continues this conversation with our students. We look forward to working with Jason again in the near future!”             Corey Zohlman – Asst. Dean for Student Engagement 

Carthage College – Kenosha, WI “Finally after 10 plus years in student activities I had Jason on a campus of mine. It was worth the wait, but I also am kicking myself for not taking advantage years ago. Jason is as genuine as he is professional. We’ve had large ice breaker type events before but we have never had as many students be engaged as we did with the Rock Star Meet and Greet. We will definitely be bringing him back again.”      Lance J. Thompson – Assistant Director of Student Involvement – Campus Activities


Methodist University – Florence, SC “When I saw the e-mail about Jason’s presentation, something piqued my interest. Maybe it was his photo playing guitar with a contagious smile or the title and session description, “The Tour Manager: Keeping the Band Alive: Club Organization Advisor Round table and Discussion”…”this hour long session will include opportunities for advisor to share their joys, frustrations, and tips and tricks with working with today’s student leaders. Snacks will be provided just for you.” Okay, it was probably the free food and the fact that it was at 4 p.m. After sitting in too many uninteresting presentations (we’ve all been there), I did not have high expectations. Boy was I wrong! I was and am still (it’s been 7 weeks since he was on our campus) reflecting on Jason’s talk and presentation geared towards people like me, passionate educators with too much on their plate…trying to make the world a better place, one human at a time. It was so human and raw! One of the best I have seen in my decade of experience in higher education in the states and abroad!    Jennifer Ramos – Director of Study Abroad & International Admissions Specialist

Simmons University – Boston, MA  “Jason LeVasseur is an amazing campus partner to our Student Activities Office at Simmons University. He conducted an on-campus training for student leaders on “building their band”. Students really appreciated the workshop and now we will be hosting him for 5 virtual leadership programs before the close of the semester. Jason has a unique ability to engage with students and help them understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities. Above all, he knows how to highlight accomplishments and great teamwork.    

* When we had questions, he consulted with our office in a virtual meeting. The topic was officer transitions within student organizations. The advice and tools he provided were more than substantial. We plan to use them for our organization and tailor them to our specific needs. Overall, Jason is a reliable source with many years of experience and has been a tremendous support for our office.                      

* His work is transferable for any student-centered office. Once you work with him, he becomes a continuous partner and resource. We look forward to collaborating with him in years to come!”  Shalaya West – Program Coordinator – Office of Student Leadership & Activities –










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