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90584550_10157125654066169_643880297057746944_oLeadership Development & Team Building.

Connect with Jason to chat about customized workshops & events to best fit the needs of your organization. Virtual Keynotes – Virtual Workshops – Virtual Conference Host – Virtual Open Mic Host –  Virtual Music Performance – Virtual Event Consulting.

Contact Jason:

Spring/Summer 2020 – Jason is scheduled to host multi-day virtual conferences for associations, he is teaching singular and multi-day online workshops for schools, and is happy to connect with you to discuss programs that can best serve your community. If not available on the dates you need, he will be happy to connect with you and help you find the best facilitator for your event.

TESTIMONIALS –  for virtual program testimonials please scroll to the bottom of the page and look for “TESTIMONIALS”


Workshop Samples for Campus Clubs & Orgs… 

* Building The Band – Virtual Workshop 

Build your virtual presence!!! Grow your club membership!!! Leave a legacy!!! This workshop focuses on your current members’ role and responsibility in staying connected and engaged online. We will explore ways to collectively promote the organizations and their hosted events. Each individual club member has a role to play! Every individual member is an important “rock star in the band” and this workshop helps inspire current members into action. It’s time to promote the organization and recruit new members!!! #virtualengagement #teambuilding #virtualpromotion #legacy

* Passing The Torch – Virtual Workshop   

Set your organization up for continued success and PLAN your leadership transitions! In this session we will explore the best practices in planning and executing smooth virtual team-member transitions. Whether you are an experienced team player or the “new kid” you have an important role to play in the legacy and ever-evolving structure and legacy of your organization. This session will give you the tools to help your team succeed now and in the future! #successionplanning #teambuilding

* Keeping The Band In Tune – Virtual Workshop 

As a club member you are an influential “Rock Star Student Leader” within your campus community, virtually and “in person”. Your influence is even greater when your team is working together to accomplish your collective goal. This workshop will focus on strengthening the ties between your current club members, overcoming the pitfalls inherent to working and collaborating with a group, and exploring the best ways to keep your team engaged and involved. Effective teams – collective success! #rocktheband #teambuilding

* Turn Up Your Volume – Virtual Workshop 

 What is your personal Brand? How do you want to be seen in the world? This workshop will focus on YOU, the branding, the promoting, and the growth of your own online presence. Recruiters, employers, friends, class mates, and potential life partners will be looking at you online. So, how do you want to present yourself to the world? How do you want to be seen? What is your message? We will get to the heart of what makes you an amazing “Rock Star” and celebrate YOU, and you will be inspired to share your personal brand with the world! #yourock #personaldevelopment #personalbrand

* Hosting The Show – Virtual Workshop 

Plan and host amazing virtual content!!! This is one of the best ways to engage your current membership, invite and recruit new members, and to connect online! From the planning to the execution, this workshop will help club members work through the steps necessary to create, promote, and “host” a virtual event. #rockstarplanning #rockstarpromotion #rockstarshow

* For Advisors: Keeping The Band Alive! – Virtual Workshop

This workshop is designed for club and org advisors and the focus is on their important roles and responsibilities both on campus and online. Advisors will leave this workshop excited and connected to other advisors and will embrace the fun idea that they are the “tour managers” of their respective “bands”. We will also discuss the best practices in working virtually with transitional leadership. How can we best help our organizations stay connected before and after our student leaders graduate? How do we inspire new members to “take the reins”, accelerate their participation, and encourage them to take on new leadership positions? It’s all about keeping the clubs alive! #rockstaradvisors

Connect with Jason to chat about customized workshops & events to best fit the needs of your organization. Contact Jason:

Have you read Jason’s article on how to host a “Virtual Open Mic”?

Contact Jason:

“The Virtual Event Ideas Community” – Facebook Group

Created March 15, 2020. Due to the influx of questions related to virtual programming, Jason created a facebook group for professionals in all fields to connect with each other to discuss how they were coping and programming and staff training in the new reality of “Virtual Connection”.

Please join the conversation!


At The Rock Star Project®, we have a “school spring pricing” structure for the virtual events that is different from our “on location” pricing. It is designed to make the programs available and more accessible to a larger audience as we are all navigating the current spring 2020 adventure. Don’t hesitate to connect and discuss options.

In the tradition of the college booking market we have “block pricing” for one virtual event, three virtual events with the same organization, and five virtual events with the same organization. We have the skills, we have the technology, and we are happy to help!

The more we know about your needs the better we can serve your audience and community. Please email to set up a time to chat and for a comprehensive list of virtual workshop possibilities and facilitators.

Spring 2020 School Pricing for Virtual Programs: Contact for pricing. 

Single Open Mic or Music Show: $ –

Single Leadership Development Workshop: $ –

2 events (can include open mic): $ –

3 events (can include open mic): $ – (We recommend spreading the events out over different days – ex: “Three Tuesdays at 3pm” for three weeks, etc.)

4 events (can include open mic): $ – (We recommend spreading the events out over different days – ex: “Three Tuesdays at 3pm” for three weeks, and an open mic night on another date, etc.)

5 events (can include open mic): $ – (We recommend spreading the events out over different days – ex: “What’s on Wednesday?” every Wednesday at lunch time for 5 weeks)

Creating a “series” helps with workshop engagement!

Please check out the web site or read the blogs to learn more about Jason LeVasseur & The Rock Star Project®.


American Camp Association  – “Jason was a wonderful host for our Virtual Open Mic Night, an evening activity during our annual camp conference. The event was originally going to be in-person and he quickly pivoted to offering an online opportunity when we converted to a virtual conference. Jason was easy to work with, was a clear communicator, maintained calm through small tech glitches, and ran a highly engaging program for all ages! While he was prepared to perform himself, he really encouraged others to give it a try – both with advance sign-ups and impromptu volunteers. I think some of our attendees who weren’t originally planning to perform were actually inspired to put themselves out there because of Jason’s energy, encouragement, and supportive persona. We’d definitely do something like this again with Jason as the host and emcee!” Kerry Salvo – American Camp Association New England – Director of Education and Professional Development

Eureka College – “Our Student Life Office at Eureka College had Jason booked to come to campus on 3/31/2020 for a Greek Leadership Workshop.  Once we knew our campus was transitioning to online learning in light of the coronavirus crisis, I contacted Jason to discuss our options. I was elated at his willingness to rethink and redesign what we had originally planned. Jason offered to speak not just once to our students; he was willing to coordinate and help us promote a 3 part online series designed to engage students outside of their classes using the virtual platform, Zoom. Our first session was yesterday with the goal of encouraging students to stay connected, giving tools and resources to do so, while physically away from campus.  I SO appreciate Jason’s creativity, positivity, resourcefulness, and collegiality!  Jason is responsive, flexible, and great to work with. I look forward to the next two sessions! If you are seeking a virtual or in-person teamwork and/or leadership program, I strongly recommend Jason LeVasseur!”    Shari Rich – Associate Dean of Students – Eureka College, IL

Simmons University – “Jason LeVasseur is an amazing campus partner to our Student Activities Office at Simmons University. He conducted an on-campus training for student leaders on “building their band”. Students really appreciated the workshop and now we will be hosting him for 5 virtual leadership programs before the close of the semester. Jason has a unique ability to engage with students and help them understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities. Above all, he knows how to highlight accomplishments and great teamwork. When we had questions, he consulted with our office in a virtual meeting. The topic was officer transitions within student organizations. The advice and tools he provided were more than substantial. We plan to use them for our organization and tailor them to our specific needs. Overall, Jason is a reliable source with many years of experience and has been a tremendous support for our office.             His work is transferable for any student-centered office. Once you work with him, he becomes a continuous partner and resource. We look forward to collaborating with him in years to come!” Shalaya West – Simmons University – Program Coordinator – Office of Student Leadership & Activities – Boston, MA

Ferris State University – “If you didn’t know that already, Jason LeVasseur Rocks! Ferris State has had Jason’s Rock Star Leadership Project on campus and now virtually too. At both, students connected with the content and had fun! Jason is down to earth, in tune with his audience, and flexible in his style. He was able to customize a unique presentation each time to meet the needs our students. Highly recommended!” –  Angela Roman – Director, Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services – Big Rapids, MI

Contact Jason:




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