The Virtual Program Provider Collective

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This is a comprehensive* alphabetical list of vendors, agencies, artists, coaches, and speakers who can provide quality virtual content to your schools and communities.

*Updated April 7, 2020


Amped Events – Agency 

Nia Mcadoo – 888-683-4386

Novelty – Individually Mailed Stuff-a- Plush Kits

Make social isolation a bit more BEARABLE with our plush kits. We will mail you everything you need to make your own special friend. All supplies are mailed directly to your student’s home.

Arsena Schroeder – Music


Solo-Acoustic, Live-streamed Home Concert

Bass-Schuler Entertainment – Agency 

Sue Boxrud


Leadership Development, Trivia, Novelty, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Magician/Hypnotist/Illusionist/Mentalist, Music/Performance, Poetry

We have a lot of options and adding offerings daily! We would love for you to check them out at the link provided.

We love to get creative! Have an idea and want to talk through things? Great! Give us a call or drop us an email!


Book A Muslim – Agency

Syed Warsi – (775) 372 – 7462
Discussions, Diversity and Inclusion Workshops, Comedy, Poetry, Story-Telling
Looking for educational and entertaining programming? All of our speakers on our roster are available for virtual workshops and discussions.
See a speaker’s TED Talk that you just love? Host a watch party and invite the speaker for a live discussion! Here is a link to all the TEDx Talks and the speakers’ info for your ease < FREE LIVE EVENTS! (775) 372 – 7462

Celebrate Muslim Culture

Syed Warsi | Agent | Book A Muslim

Brave Enough Artist Agency – Agency 

Shane Anderson


Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Music/Performance, Esports intramurals and tournaments

Private Virtual Concerts, Virtual Music Festivals, Esports intramurals and leagues, Virtual Speakers with personal Q&A sessions


Christina Irene – Speaker


“Invisible Disabilities Awareness” – 1 hour online workshop – Learn about chronic illnesses, mental health diagnoses, and other “hidden” disabilities (and why this topic is so important) through humor and moving vignettes. End illness shaming and implement strategies for both helping and coping. This is for everyone! [Also available: “Communicating About Hidden Disabilities,” “Inclusion and Universal Design,” and 90-minute customized programs.] Direct link:

“Empowerment Through Verse: Sexual Assault and Gender Violence Awareness” – 90 minute online workshop – This program combines poetry readings, storytelling, education, a get-up-and-move activity, and the creation of a personal resource and inspiration booklet. Direct link:

Christina Irene is a former classroom teacher and stand-up comedian (and a current adventurer, elected official, and disabled business owner) who is passionate about advocacy and empowerment. Every program is packed with inspiration, laughs, surprises, and the tools to make dreams happen no matter the obstacles.

CoolSpeak – Ernesto Mejia – Speaker


Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Dealing with the stressors of change, Social Media, Parenting during these trying times

CoolSpeak tends to customize all of our programming to fit our client’s needs and objectives. However, if a topic is not within our wheelhouse we are the first to let you know.

Due to our unique customization offerings we ask that potential clients reach out to learn more about us. We have been in business for over ten years and do zero marketing because the proof is in the product. We wish each and every school the best of luck during these changing times. Be safe.

Dave Kelly – Speaker

America’s Student Leadership Trainer


Leadership Development – Coaching, Workshops, and Review of Governing Documents (Constitutions, By-laws, etc)

15 years of experience speaking and training for college and university students on more than 300 campuses


Degy Entertainment – Agency 

Jeff Hyman


Health & Wellness, Music/Performance, Spoken Word, Comedy

Virtual Mental Health Fair, Virtual coffeehouse shows, Virtual comedy, Virtual spoken word

watch Degy Social Media @degyent for updates!

Erika Gilchrist – Speaker


Leadership Development, Women’s issues

Live streaming presentations with real-time engagement, handouts, and Q&A.


Five Points Entertainment – Agency

George Hornick –  615-720-2843

Live Streaming music & comedy through all virtual platforms.  Award winning performers you know and love can now engage the students through real-time streaming interaction!


Fresh Variety – Agency 

Laura Gilman


Leadership Development, Novelty, Health & Wellness, Magician/Hypnotist/Illusionist/Mentalist, Variety performers, mentalism, comedy

*Michael Kent-comic, magician, smart@$* brings his 1 hr, hilarious, interactive, magic show- to your home! This live performance is recorded and can be broadcasted for up to a week to your student body. *Jonathan Burns- this guy has been showing off his whole life- now he live streams into your home and teaches you how to do it too! Stunts, tricks, pranks all taught by the hilarious JB! *Alexandra Catalano- this instagram influencer and Lifestyle speaker will engage with your students and faculty on topics like staying healthy when home bound, eating for stress, healthy meal prep, working from home and more! *Corey Craig- TEDex presenter and prime time tv superstar brings the community together by connecting us by our similarities and embracing our differences. Teaching us to come together -even from afar. *Jacob Mayfield- virtual palm and tarot card readings sent right to your inbox! He records a video of your custom reading


Gage Paine Consulting, LLC – Speaker


Leadership Development

Keynotes, workshops, and coaching (for individuals and teams)on multiple topics



GP Entertainment – Agency 

Tim Moyer


Leadership Development, Trivia, Novelty, Health & Wellness, Magician/Hypnotist/Illusionist/Mentalist, Music/Performance, Motivational Speed Painter

Self hypnosis events to stay calm and find focus, virtual game shows and magic shows. Music entertainment as well

Please email

Houla Entertainment – Agency

Lee Mayer – (865) 414-9266
Offering Music, Comedy, Spoken Word, Magic, Hypnotist, Music with The Voice and America’s Got Talent artists with Q&A about the shows, The Voice and America’s Got Talent Virtual Festival, Virtual Music Festival that students take a poll and the artists with the most votes cast are your festival performers, Virtual Comedy Festival, Virtual Spoken Word Festival, and Esports tournaments with cash winnings.
New artists added regularly. Please check us out!

How To Concerts – Agency

Jolene Chevalier
Virtual concerts with some of your favorite national headlining artists, live cooking classes, musicians and comedians leading yoga, cooking, and instructional sessions, virtual drag bingo, drag queen make-up demos, instagram takeovers, and more.
We can’t wait to get creative with you. Got an idea? Is it a long shot and off the wall? Great! Let’s explore it!

Jason LeVasseur & The Rock Star Project®

Leadership Development & Team Building – Virtual event hosting and consultation.




Jason Walsmith – Music


Music/Performance, Public Speaking, motivational, inspirational, corporate.

I play music and I tell stories.


John Rush – Music

The Human iPod  &  Acoustic Karaoke


The Human Ipod – The way it works is we have a venue where we have everything set up just like a live show with all the lights, speakers, cameras, and everything!!

We send them a song request playlist with over 80 Hours of music to pick from that John knows by memory!! They pick the songs and they create in the show live!!

This isn’t just somebody holding up a phone and streaming it online. It is a private show just for your students in full 1080p HD!! It is multiple camera angles with real-time interaction and engagement with your students!! They can talk to each other and with me during the show in real time!!

It can be a private page so only your students can access it or a public page to get the community involved!!

Acoustic Karaoke – Virtual karaoke show hosted by John Rush. We set up and organize a virtual karaoke show for your students. They get to sing and interact with their friends in real time! John can play and sing to keep the show moving and fill down times if needed.

This isn’t just somebody holding up a phone and streaming it online. It is a private show just for your students in full 1080p HD!! It is multiple camera angles with real-time interaction and engagement with your students!!

They can talk to each other and with me during the show in real time!!  It’s tons of fun and they become the show!!​​​​​​​

Meghan Grace – Speaker


Staff/Professional Development

I am a generational researcher, speaker, and author with a primary focus on Generation Z. My keynotes and educational sessions are available in virtual/video settings for staff/professional development. My content is tailorable to fit the interests and needs of campus administrators, as well as faculty members.


Neon Entertainment – Agency 

Scott Talarico


Leadership Development, Trivia, Novelty, Music/Performance

Our virtual programs are designed for every student to interactively participate from wherever they are. These events use video technology to stream the live programs to your students including, virtual open mic night, paint social (paint class), escape rooms, team building, leadership training, and trivia game shows with cash prizes.

Full Roster of Programs: Cellphone Smackdown, Virtual Escape Rooms, Virtual Paint Social, Mike Fritz’s Build a Better Team, Mike Fritz’s Virtual Campus Engagement, Brian MIller’s Virtual Leadership, DropShip Make & Takes, Virtual Playlist Bingo, Virtual Open Mic Night, Alpha Art, Create-a-Creature, Virtual Free Money Game Show, Aaron Marus’ Book the Job.


Packed House Entertainment – Agency 



Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Magician/Hypnotist/Illusionist/Mentalist

Comedy Magician Trino Show and Magic Workshop

Mari Copeny aka “Little Miss Flint” Youth Activist


Peter Boie – Magician for Non-Believers

Peter Boie



Live stream magic show

Video link:


Rebelle Events – Agency 

Melissa Beer


Leadership Development, Trivia, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Magician/Hypnotist/Illusionist/Mentalist, Virtual Esports Performances

Virtual Esports Open Gaming Tournament – variety of gaming options including Smash Brothers, Fortnite, FIFA, Madden, NBA2K, Rocket League and More – affordable series programming. Virtual Trivia from College Trivia Nerds – affordable virtual series programming. Custom Livestream Comedy Shows, Leadership speakers/programming, Team Building opportunities, Virtual Game Labs and more.

Rudy Currence – Music


Music/Performance, Lecture/ Master Class/ Workshop

I am a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, producer and musician. I offer online musical performances including multi-genre covers and originals, music workshops, and a master class  “The Next G.R.A.M.M.Y.” with learning outcomes.


Soundcheck Prevention Network – Substance Misuse Prevention 

Will Straughan


Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Music/Performance, Campus substance misuse prevention

Will Straughan combines his story of drug addiction and recovery, with his career as a singer-songwriter and his global experience as a Prevention Specialist to support health-centered dialogue and decisions about alcohol and other drugs. Presentations are tailored to student needs and can include topics like: warning signs of misuse and how to help a friend, healthy leisure and stress management, campus stimulant (or other drug) misuse and study skills, and current trends, facts and myths about alcohol and other drugs. Virtual offerings can be provided individually or as a series of presentations to take place over multiple sessions.

Please email or call to design your series of virtual presentations and discuss scheduling and pricing options. Thank you!


Strategies For Justice – Agency 

Terry Watson


Diversity & Inclusion

Virtual conversation with guests speakers that focus on race, disability, and law enforcement.

The speakers associated with BWMP LLC provide more than just information and education, but an opportunity to engage and have authentic conversations. We work with law enforcement, communities, college and university campuses, or a combination of all three.

Our speakers are ready to engage your community around the topics of race, ability, and law enforcement. They bring with them a diversity of experiences and stories that are meant to challenge perspectives and promote civil discourse.

Check out our speakers and programs


The College Agency – Agency 

Craig Heitkamp


Leadership Development, Trivia, Novelty, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness, Magician/Hypnotist/Illusionist/Mentalist, Music/Performance, Comedy

Using our Pro Level Zoom Video service and event preregistration form, we have trained our top performers the best way to present their talent virtually to your off campus and on campus students. Specially, our Speed Sketchers Virtual Caricatures, Virtual Mind-Reading Show and Virtual Magic Show & Workshop were designed and built with a virtual audience of home-based students in mind. Each event includes student participation where attendees can virtually raise their hand to “go on stage” with the act to have their caricature drawn, mind read, or to do a magic trick. Our event preregistration form helps to drive additional attendance by letting you promote the event far in advance and allowing interested students to signup and receive email reminders as the event approaches. In addition, once the event in complete, we are able to provide your team attendance analytics to help with your event evaluations.

To Go Events, Inc./Trivia Stream – Virtual Game Show

Brett Hornsby


Trivia, We also offer target theme trivia shows regarding Covid-19/Coronavirus safety, Title IX, Alcohol Awareness, Black History Month, etc.

We have an incredible game show host run a 1-hour live-streamed game show on Twitch just for your students in which we give out $250 in cash prizes (included in our booking fee). We have thousands of trivia questions to choose from that we categorize into 10-question rounds. At the end of each round, the winner receives a cash prize (in the form of a gift card code). If desired, we have the ability to customize show themes to include educational material in addition to fun questions.



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